Garage Door Opener Replacement

Types of Garage Door Openers

Screw-Drive Opener

In this version, the trolley attaches to a steel rod, while the central unit sends power to the rod, spinning it around. If you’ve ever used a very old, very loud garage door opener, this is probably what you had.

Jackshaft Opener

Installed on the side of the garage door itself, they use a DC motor that operates a system of pulleys and cables. This system turns a torsion bar which raises up the door. They work really well with larger, more industrial doors.

Chain-Drive Opener

These are a lot like screw-drive openers. They’re noisy, but super inexpensive.

Direct-Drive Opener

In terms of noise, these are as far away from the screw drive operators as one can get. They work via a chain that stays in place. The motor itself moves around in a carriage.

Belt-Drive Opener

Just like a chain, but using a belt instead. This makes the opening and closing process quieter and smoother.

Direct-Current Opener

This is the premium kind of motor. They are the quickest, smoothest kinds of motors on the market.

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